Nutritional Information and Recipes

The more I work with people and food, the more I realize how individual people’s need are. There are so many excellent resources online. Here are a few that I recommend regularly:


Fiber fueled – book and cookbook by Dr Will Bulsiewicz

Fermented foods – I often recommend the consumption of fermented foods to improved digestive health.

Sauerkraut is a great place to start – cabbage, salt and time!  Here is another sauerkraut recipe.

Book: Fermented Vegetables by Kirsten and Christopher Shockey

If you are curious about learning to prepare lacto-fermented or “cultured” produce, this is an excellent book for you.  Written by a pair of “fermentistas”, they lay out all the basics concepts and have a great recipe section –  first by fermenting different kinds of produce, and then using the fermented foods in recipes including meals, snacks, desserts and cocktails (or as they say, “crocktails”)


The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen – Whole food inspiration, with recipes that are mainly gluten, dairy and soy free. Vegetarian, vegan and omnivore options.

Elana’s pantry – A huge resource for gluten free, grain free, paleo and specific carbohydrate diets.

Paleoplan – A paleolithic diet resource.

Every Day Paleo – Another paleolithic diet resource.

Saving Dinner

Against All Grain

FODMAPS – for people who need to avoid highly fermentable carbohydrates (i.e. gas and bloating)

Low FODMAPs Recipes


SPECIFIC CARBOHYDRATE DIET – used in some digestive cases, especially IBD

Breaking the Vicious Cycle – based on the book that introduced SCD

Comfy Belly – choose “SCD recipes”

Pecan Bread

Against All Grain

Healthy Gut

SCD Recipes

Elana’s Pantry (above) – both have some SCD recipes

VEGETARIAN – also see Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen above



Minimalist Baker

Vesanto Melina – A good resource for vegan, vegetarian and raw food diets.

Oh She Glows – some yummy recipes here

Joel Fuhrman – I like Dr Fuhrman’s approach to a “nutritarian” lifestyle