New Patients


*Please read COVID update*

Note: As a licensed naturopathic doctor in BC, I may only treat residents of British Columbia.

Before the first visit –  Intake and consent forms can be filled out online and submitted prior to your visit (preferred).  You will be sent a link via email after booking your appointment.  If you have had recent blood work or imaging tests done, it is helpful to get a copy of the results.  You may also download the forms here OR come 15 minutes early to fill out paper forms.

First visit (60 – 90 minutes) – This visit is for information gathering! Please bring copies of any recent blood work or imaging tests. The goal of the first appointment is to get a good idea of your medical history and current health concerns and to discuss the goals and expectations of naturopathic treatment. A complaint-oriented physical exam may be performed at this time. You will often receive some testing or treatment recommendations on your first visit.

Second visit (60 minutes) – Generally scheduled two – four weeks later, the second visit may review test results and/or response to initial therapies. We will establish a treatment plan that contains short and long term goals for your health.

Return visits (15 – 45 minutes) – The time between return appointments depends on the severity of the condition and the therapies used.   Someone receiving active treatments may come in every month for a follow up.  Someone on a stable long-term plan may come in once a season to check in.  Bowen technique and injection therapies are often weekly during active treatment.