The College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia – the regulatory body that licenses naturopathic physicians in BC.

The British Columbia Naturopathic Association – the professional association representing naturopathic physicians in this province. They provide a searchable database to look for a doctor in your community and also provide a referral service by phone, fax or email.

North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners – to learn more about the licensing exams (NPLEx) that are required to become a licensed naturopathic physician.

The Council on Naturopathic Medical Education – to learn more about how naturopathic medicine schools are accredited and to find a list of accredited schools.

Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors – provides news and information about naturopathic medicine and a service to find licensed naturopathic doctors across the country.

Explore your Health – with the Canadian Naturopathic Foundation


Bowtech – Information about the Bowen technique.

Bowen College – Information about the Bowen technique in Canada.

The Bowen Directory – Bowen practitioner listings from all over the world.


The Umbrella Project – a resource for helping kids learn coping skills, building resilience and preventing anxiety and depression

Taking Charge of Your Fertility – links to downloadable charts for basal body temperature records.

Dr. Laura Markham – one of my favorite parenting authors. Lots of advice on this website.

Crappy Pictures – parenting stories illustrated. Good comic relief for parents!


Environmental Working Group – Consumer guides for choosing sunscreens, food, cleaning, cosmetic and personal care products.

Environmental Defence – Resources to decrease exposure to toxic chemicals.

Less Toxic Guide – Includes best choices and alternatives for personal care products, household cleaners and baby care.

Toxic Smart Solutions guide – gives 8 pages of information about non-toxic ways to clean your house.


The health of an individual is closely linked to the health of their family, community, society and environment. The following is a sample of organizations that I believe promote positive action and change in our world.

The David Suzuki Foundation studies and promotes sustainability in our society with a focus on climate change, sustainable fishing, clean energy sources and the Nature Challenge – the 10 most effective actions an individual can take to protect nature.

Canada World Youth – Know any 17 to 29 year old youth looking for an amazing experience? Canada World Youth offers international youth exchange programs that focus on non-formal learning, volunteer work and community development in Canada and overseas.


Wickland Instruments – My father has made his retirement very busy by becoming a talented builder of banjos.  Well, first it was banjoes but he has expanded into resonator guitars, veenas, ukeleles, harps and dobros.  To see and hear his fine instruments you can visit his website or see his instruments in action on his facebook page.  He is also a regular vendor at Saltspring’s fantastic Saturday market in Ganges.