March 3rd, 2018 – Yellow Point, Ladysmith – Alzheimer’s Prevention Workshop – $345 + GST

This workshop is designed for:

  • people who want to be proactive about their brain health and dementia prevention
  • family members caring for a spouse or parent who has early signs of memory issues
  • health professionals who want an introduction to the Bredesen Protocol


  • this workshop will combine the ground-breaking research of Dr Dale Bredesen with my practical experience using the concepts of the Bredesen Protocol with my patients
  • presented in partnership with chef and holistic nutritionist, Christina Acevedo
  • located in a beautiful farmhouse with a lovely natural setting
  • 6-hour intensive workshop that gives you foundational knowledge for prevention of cognitive decline
  • includes a whole food, nutrient-dense lunch prepared by Chef Christina
  • practical diet tips and a recipe collection from Christina to get you started


  • Overview of Dr Bredesen’s theories and research
  • Alzheimer Sub-types, Causes and Risk Factors – the clinical clues we use to identify types:
    • Inflammatory – infections, toxins, leaky gut
    • Glycotoxic – diabetes
    • Atrophic – deficiencies in vitamins and hormones
    • Toxic – mold, metals and more
    • Vascular
    • Traumatic
  • Basic and Advanced Dietary Strategies including intermittent fasting
  • Important assessment tools and lab tests
    • including sleep apnea screening
  • Key Lifestyle Strategies
    • for stress, sleep, exercise
  • Priority supplements

Registration deadline is February 28th, 2018

Register by calling 778 356 3306 or emailing