Services: Injections

*Please note: I offer Myer’s cocktails and glutathione as an IV push but I am not able to offer IV therapies that require an IV drip at this time.  This means I do not provide high dose IV Vitamin C or other infusions used in cancer therapy.  I do not work with PICC lines.*

Intra-muscular B12

B12 injections into the muscle are used for various types of brain and nerve function, including traumatic brain injury, diabetic neuropathy and cognitive impairment.  People who have impaired B12 absorption due to gastro-intestinal illness (Crohn’s, celiac disease) or history of surgical removal of the stomach or ileum will also require B12 injections.


Small amounts of dilute, sterile medicines are injected just below the skin’s surface to treat pain from soft-tissue injuries or joint inflammation.  I do not inject into joints.

Myer’s Cocktail

Intravenous nutrient therapy, often called a Myers’ cocktail, is a concentrated mix of vitamins and minerals that is administered intravenously over a 15-20 minute period. Homeopathic medicines may also be added.  The use of an intravenous technique allows nutrient blood levels to be substantially higher than taking an oral dose of the same nutrients. Concentrated amounts of nutrients in the blood ensure that organs and tissues will receive greater amounts, more quickly. Because the gastrointestinal tract is bypassed, concern around absorption is not an issue.

Common benefits of Myers’ cocktails include increased energy, enhanced immune function, improved sleep, mood stabilization, quicker healing time, diminished pain and reduced allergic response.  Conditions that often respond well to intravenous nutrition include fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, fatigue and nausea in pregnancy, athletic endurance and replenishment, depression, asthma, acute migraines and malabsorptive states (e.g. inflammatory bowel disease).   Injections may be administered weekly or monthly, depending on the specific health concern and response to the therapy.

IV nutrient therapy is generally well tolerated.  Minor, benign side effects include a sensation of flushing and heat, the taste of vitamins in the mouth and mild, transient muscle aching near the infusion site.  Any type of IV therapy holds some risk of local (bruising, irritation, venous spasm, infection) and/or systemic complications (allergic reaction, septicemia, blood pressure changes, pulmonary edema, air embolism). These complications are rare and are avoided when proper techniques and screenings are used while working with a naturopathic physician.